Farewell Black Mamba

Condolences to all the families who’s loved ones were on board. I was particularly sorry to hear his 13 year old daughter Gianna Bryant was also killed in the helicopter crash. It seems the universe has a cruel sense of irony in the fact that yesterday Lakers player Lebron James just surpassed Kobe’s 33,643 points for third on the NBA all-time scoring list. I remember when Kobe first entered the NBA and how special of a talent I began to marvel at. Being a Lakers fan I was thrilled when Kobe won his first NBA Championship 2000. All I heard after that were comparisons to Michael Jordan and I was not ready to concede that Kobe could be as great as MJ. I got into a heated debate with two friends on this topic as one of them was convinced that Kobe would win more championships. Kobe fell one short of MJ in championships but my friend was still proven right. Kobe was every much of a play maker and basketball player as MJ, and I’m glad I was able to see through the years the folly of my obstinacy in doubting my friend those many years ago. He saw your greatness Black Mamba!

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  1. I never liked Kobe much. Never want to see anyone go out this soon though. Gotta feel for the families of everyone on the chopper.

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