“Houston, we’ve had a problem here” and it’s the Nationals

The Houston Astros enter the World Series as the biggest favorites in more than a decade. There’s just one problem and that’s the Washington Nationals who won 8 straight at the end of the regular season to make the playoffs. The Astros may of had the best record in the regular season at 107-55, but the Nationals at 93-69 defeated the team with the second best record in the regular season when they vanquished the heavily favorite Dodgers at 106-56. Sure the Astros defeated the dangerous Yankees at 103-59, but this was expected of the preseason favorites who were picked to win it all. Sure the Astros will have home field advantage when the World Series opens Tuesday at Houston. Sure they have a pitcher who’s having one of the greatest runs in MLB history in Gerrit Cole when he starts for the Astros in game one. Sure the Nationals have never been to a World Series, but that’s just par for the course for a team who’s destiny might be a Cinderella who refuses to become an October Pumpkin. Ace Max Scherzer will be starting for the Nationals in game one and give the Nationals a real shot at winning game one and turning home field advantage to the Nationals and their fans. If this happens it could be “Houston we’ve had a problem here” and it’s the Nationals.

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