In the main event Bite Force outlasts HyperShock in a unanimous decision

Bite Force moved onto 3-0 with a win over a tough opponent. Bite Force opted to extend its wedgelets in a bid for more reach and a lower attempt at ground clearance. Bite Force came out fast and flipped HyperShock on its back. After getting righted HyperShock was able to continue. Bite Force was unrelenting until it also started having drive issues of its own. Bite Force was still able to flip HyperShock onto its back once again. HyperShock was staggered and began wearing down as Bite Force was able to out maneuver the wounded Bot. HyperShock eventually lost its front wedge and one of its wheels as time ran out.

252 thoughts on “In the main event Bite Force outlasts HyperShock in a unanimous decision”

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