In the main event Huge defeats Bronco

Bronco entered the arena with a new appendage that looked like a wizard hat. Bronco has a flipping arm and Huge was expecting to try and damage it. The new appendage forced Huge into a new strategy. Huge reversed its spinner and the bout was on. Every opening that appeared Bronco took advantage of repeatedly flipping Huge 8 feet into the air. Huge seemed very durable and survived these massive flips with little affect. Huge got in its own shots and broke some of the overhead armor of Bronco. Huge then put a hole in Bronco and continued working on it and making the hole larger. By the end of the battle Bronco’s control lights were flashing like crazy and its flipping arm was stuck upwards. It seemed like the bout could go to either Bot as the buzzer sounded. Bronco had controlled much of the bout but couldn’t inflict any damage on the pliable Huge whereas Bronco did have some visual damage. In an unanimous decision Huge prevailed.

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