Not My Cup of Tea

So the USWNT advanced in an extremely controversial 2-1 match against big bad England.

Sometimes though, I wonder whether everyone in America, much less the world, is happy about that. The “Tea Stunt” seemed like kind of a lot from a team who claimed the ability to field two entirely separate teams and still make the tournament. I mean, you beat England, cool I guess… Although, the amount of personality and flair (dare I say showboating and hubris?) that this team has is kind of a turn off for me.

I have been wrapped up in American sports most of my life. I realize that in all sports, some people are humble, and some are definitely not. I personally have always had a soft spot for the people that go out, perform at the highest level, and act like they have been there before. I admittedly am not a huge soccer fan and therefore do not fully understand this sports culture, (as you can tell by me calling it soccer…) but I can tell you that I far prefer Messi to Ronaldo simply by seeing how they react on the field to success. In sports I do watch often I also prefer the subdued type. Definitely give me Tim Duncan over Steph Curry. You could sell me Larry Fitzgerald at a much higher price than Terrell Owens. Definitely Griffey over Bonds, Federer over Djokovich, Kerrigan over Harding, Phelps over Lochte (I know, those two are kind of cheating) Lewis over Bolt and, it seems like just about any previous iteration of the USWNT over this current one.

I realize I may be in the minority here. Some people absolutely love the societal transformation that has taken place where our athletes are no longer simply sports stars, but are also A-List product influencers who dominate Twitter, Instagram, and just about every other form of social media. Athletes, as a whole, have realized that they can make much more money on advertisements if they become a caricature of themselves or a meme. And good for them. Most of them are working for billionaires after all. Many people would also argue that this type of confidence shown by women is refreshing (and possibly necessary) in the arena of sports that has so often been dominated by men. I am definitely not trying to step on any toes here, BUT I am wondering if I was the only person in America who had a tiny piece of their heart pulling for an early Brexit for the USWNT after what I would call a somewhat classless stunt.

The world already views our country as arrogant bumbling fools with no connection to history or culture, I don’t know if we need to play into that stereotype on the world stage anymore than we already do. It is my opinion that when you are performing on the international stage and are one of a very lucky few who get to represent your country, that representation should be done with humbleness and class. Especially when you, and I’m quoting here, “Have the best team and the second-best team in the world.”

-Drool on Little DaWggies

185 thoughts on “Not My Cup of Tea”

  1. I do agree with your sentiment. However seeing how women are paid less in many professions including sports I’m going to give them a mulligan and say bring it home USWNT!

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