Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers appear to be heading for final game in regular season showdown to decide NFC West Division

The Seahawks and 49ers have both made the playoffs. Both teams control their own destinies on where they will be seeded in the playoffs. The Seahawks and 49ers both have a record of 11-3, with the Seahawks having the tie breaker. If the 49ers win out they will be the number 1 seed in the playoffs as they have the tie breakers over the 11-3 Green Bay Packers and the 10-3 New Orleans Saints who will be playing Monday night. The Seahawks need to win out and have a Saints loss in order to have a shot at the number 1 seed as the Saints have the tie breaker over the Seahawks. The Packers have not played the Seahawks this season but the Seahawks hold the tie breaker over the Packers due to common game tie breakers. Since the last regular season game between the Seahawks and 49ers will be played in Seattle, expect the city to shake and sound records to be in jeopardy as this epic showdown is played out for champion of the NFC West Division and seeding in the playoffs.

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