Should the PAC 12 be considered a Power 5 Conference in College Football

After watching and reading sports analyst the last couple days in their mocking and laughter at the PAC 12 and their prediction yet again that the conference will not make the playoffs, I sadly have to agree. Oregon which is likely to be one of the best teams in the conference by the end of the year was beaten by an Auburn team that will likely finish no better than third in the SEC west is a sad commentary on the PAC 12. Last year the winner of the PAC 12 conference was Washington, which also lost in the first week to an Auburn team which eventually finished 8-5 and 5th in the SEC west. A once proud conference now has to depend on tradition in order to get an invite to the Rose Bowl. As a PAC 12 and College Football fan, I now find myself in agreement with the mockers and wonder if the PAC 12 should be considered a power 5 conference in College Football.

64 thoughts on “Should the PAC 12 be considered a Power 5 Conference in College Football”

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