Super Bowl LV will feature two good defenses along with two great Quarterbacks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will be the oldest player to participate in a Super Bowl at any position. The 18-year age gap between him and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the largest ever between Super Bowl starting quarterbacks. Both quarterbacks will be facing good defenses and I think this will be the difference in the outcome of the game. Brady is undeniably great and has proven it with his six Super Bowl wins (this will be his 10th Super Bowl appearance) and four Most Valuable Player Awards he has garnered during his long career. Making it to this years Super Bowl may have been his greatest achievement at a age 43, leading a team he just joined a year ago. A Buccaneers team that will have the home field advantage playing in its home city. However, this will not be enough to defeat a young quarterback who has already proven his greatness with a Super Bowl win under his belt. This running, throwing quarterback will frustrate the Buccaneer defense enough to get his second Super Bowl win in as many years. The Chiefs defense will pressure Brady and take advantage of his limited mobility. The difference will be noticeable at the quarterback position since both teams have good defenses which will make the game competitive. Chiefs 31 – Buccaneers 27

264 thoughts on “Super Bowl LV will feature two good defenses along with two great Quarterbacks”

    1. The future belongs to the young man but
      never underestimate the Grit of an old man.
      Bucs 31
      Chiefs 27

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