The 2019 College Football Bowl Season is about to begin

The PAC 12 will participate in 7 bowls this season. I believe it will be a poor showing for the PAC 12 and would consider it a victory if they won 4 of them. In the Las Vegas Bowl the Washington Huskies will face the Boise State Broncos in a game featuring Coach Petersen’s final game as the Huskies coach and the Broncos former coach. This is a nightmare scenario for the Huskies and I can’t see how it ends well for them unless Coach Petersen gambles like he’s in Vegas. In the Holiday Bowl the USC Trojans will face the Iowa Hawkeyes who will be motivated by the recent passing of legendary Coach Hayden Fry. I see this as a Holiday for the Hawkeyes who will be motivated to play in a game with a good chance of victory over an underwhelming Trojan team. In the Cheez-it Bowl the Washington State Cougars will face the Air Force Academy and this should be a good game and a difficult one to pick. I would give the Cougars an edge in this one. In the Redbox Bowl the California Bears will face the Illinois Illini and I believe the Bears are a clear favorite. In the Sun Bowl the Arizona State Sun Devils will face the Florida State Seminoles and this should be a home game for the Sun Devils as it will be played in El Paso. This is a must win game for the PAC 12. In the Alamo Bowl the Utah Utes will face the Texas Longhorns in a home game for the Longhorns and the Utes will be hard pressed to show some heart after their humiliation in the PAC 12 Championship game. If it’s a proud Utes team that decides to play this could be a very competitive game and would be even money. In the Rose Bowl and home turf for the PAC 12, the Oregon Ducks will face the Wisconsin Badgers. The Ducks have shown greatness at times this season such as the humbling of the Utes. They also have shown that if faced against a determined team such as the Auburn Tigers, even if they have the lead towards the end of the game they might not have strength to keep the lead. I believe the Badgers will be a determined team that will mount a come back, and the Ducks will leave the PAC 12 another fowl outcome in the Rose Bowl.

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