USC football has decided a mediocre coach is a good fit for a mediocre team in a mediocre conference

USC Athletic Director Mike Bohn has decided to retain Clay Helton for another year as head coach. I can see why he made that choice as USC is just another mediocre team in a mediocre conference and why change things for the better when you don’t need anything more to remain mediocre. There’s no need to compete for a National Championship in a conference that hasn’t won one in 15 years and won’t win one if ever until the distant future. Utah being destroyed by Oregon in the PAC 12 Championship game is all you need to know that the conference should be content that they have a traditional invite to the Rose Bowl even if it’s undeserved. So I understand the decision to retain Helton, I really do. Who cares if your fan base is steadily diminishing and empty seats in the Coliseum don’t really matter if you don’t care about that fan base and their opinions. Who needs the local recruits that used to flock to the Trojans now being poached by teams that do compete for National Championships as that would get in the way of mediocrity. Being mediocre requires consistency and Helton is everything you need in that endeavor. When the Trojans open the 2020 season against the Alabama Crimson Tide, the entire College Football World will get to see the fruits of that labor of mediocrity as a perennial National Championship contender Crimson Tide dismantle a Trojan team that has no business being in that game. New USC President Carol Folt, newly hired Athletic Director Mike Bohn, and ever reliable Coach Clay Helton can celebrate the fact that they have maintained the status quo of mediocrity.

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  1. I’m watching the SEC championship between LSU and Georgia. Who do I see on the sidelines of that game? No less than two people who represent the past and glory days of a once upon a time National Championship contender that I grew up with. USC Coach John Robinson and Running Back Marcus Allen. Seems they have migrated to a team sideline that has another great former USC coach and now National Contender LSU Tigers Coach Ed Orgeron. Oh the irony…

    1. First year OC Graham Harrell is bolting for the exits. He said he wants out of USC no matter who the head coach is.

  2. SC is doing the smart thing and waiting for a proper coaching candidate to emerge before jumping ship. Chris Petersen will be roaming the Trojan sidelines in 2021.

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