Utah is lone PAC 12 team left with playoff hopes

With Oregon losing this past Saturday to Arizona St, the PAC 12 has once again devoured its dimming prospects for a team from the conference to make the playoffs. Utah’s only loss came on the road against a USC team that’s now in the top 25 of the College Football Playoff Rankings. Even if Utah defeats Oregon in the PAC 12 Championship game, Utah will have a tough time cracking into the top 4 for a berth. With Washington losing, Utah’s quality of wins has taken a hit. Oregon’s season rests on defeating Utah and winning the Rose Bowl if its preseason expectations have any chance of being realized. Utah with its defense, has a good chance of defeating Oregon and winning the Rose Bowl against the number 2 team from the Big 10 assuming Ohio St makes the playoffs. So once again running the gauntlet of the PAC 12, the only team with a chance to make the playoffs this late in the season the Oregon Ducks, didn’t have the stamina to get through the conference without a loss. Unless the playoffs expand to more teams, don’t expect to see the conference in the playoffs anytime soon.

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