In a battle of the flippers Hydra destroys Bronco

The old legend Bronco was never in this battle of the flippers. Hydra’s weapon was in full display from the start of this bout. Its flipper is the most powerful flipping weapon I have seen this year. It repeatedly launched the 250 pound Bronco more than 15 feet in the air. Bronco with the faster Bot and expert driver could not out maneuver the lower profiled and quicker turns of Hydra. There was never any doubt who would prevail and when Hydra flipped the legend Bronco up and out of the arena it was mercifully over. In a shock Bronco went without a win this season. Hydra moved to 4-0 and will be a high seed in the championship tournament of 16. Hydra is one dangerous Bot and could easily win the Giant Nut if someone doesn’t figure out a way to disable its weapon.

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