Seahawks are 0-8 in Divisional Playoffs on the Road and now face the Packers at Lambeau Field

The Seattle Seahawks will travel to Lambeau Field to face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The Seahawks have not won a Divisional Playoff on the road since Dec. 31, 1983. In addition the Seahawks have lost eight straight games to the Packers in Green Bay. Lambeau Field has been a field where the Seahawks dreams of victory have turned to nightmares. In 2003 the Seahawks faced the Packers in a wild card round where the game went to overtime. The Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselback won the toss and famously said “We want the ball and we’re going to score.” The Packers won that game after Hasselback was intercepted and the pick was ran back for the winning touchdown. In the divisional round four years later the Packers ran off 35 points of 38 points to win 42-40. None of the current Seahawk players were part of either of those playoff games. If Beast Mode was ever needed, it would be now in the frigidness of Lambeau Field in middle January. Quarterback Russell Wilson once threw 5 interceptions there in one of Pete Carroll’s worse losses as the Seahawks Coach. Don’t look for Wilson to have much time as Seattle’s offensive line depth will be in question.

4 thoughts on “Seahawks are 0-8 in Divisional Playoffs on the Road and now face the Packers at Lambeau Field”

  1. Russ doesn’t have a real good record when the temp drops into the 20s either.

    The Packers record is fraudulent this year though. They got blown out by the 49rs and lost to the Eagles. Both teams that Seattle has beaten this year.

    The Hawks have a chance if they can slow down Aaron Jones, and stop Rodgers from scrambling. Keep The Pack under 110 yds rushing on the day, and there will be a NFC title game being played in Seattle next week.

  2. I like the Hawks chances. They tend to play to the level of their opponent. The key will be pressing Rodgers into bad throws and on the other side, protecting Russell. Sounds basic but that’s how the Hawks keep it a one score game and they do a great job winning those types of games.

  3. I think the Packers offense has been fairly pedestrian all season. When their run game isn’t going they haven’t looked right. Outside of Adams who does Rodgers trust? Certainly not our favorite former Hawks tight end.

    I think the biggest concerns for the Hawks is stopping the Packers pass rush. Za’darius Smith has been great all season and the games we have lost this year have been when our line gets completely out played. Doesn’t help when we won’t have Brown or Iupati for the game including back ups Fant and Hunt being hurt too.

    If Russ can be Russ, get some time/scramble and have no turnovers I think we have a shot. I don’t think we’ll need to pile up points (which is weird to say against Rodgers) but we will need our line to hold up to win.

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