Bard talks Women’s NCAA Basketball

While the season is still young, here’s a snapshot of the NCAA Women’s Basketball season so far in 2024:

Standout Teams and Surprises:

  • South Carolina: As predicted, they’re dominating, currently undefeated and holding the top spot in most rankings.
  • USC: They pulled off an upset against previously top-ranked Stanford, indicating a potential shake-up in the power rankings.
  • UCLA: Maintaining their pre-season expectations, they are near the top with a strong and consistent performance.
  • Iowa: Off to a hot start, living up to their high pre-season ranking.
  • Other Surprises: Teams like BYU, Maryland, and Baylor are exceeding expectations with impressive early wins.

Overall Picture:

  • The season is still shaping up, with conferences just settling into their schedules.
  • Several upsets have already occurred, suggesting a competitive and unpredictable year.
  • Early favorites like South Carolina, UCLA, and NC State are showing their strength, but others are challenging their dominance.
  • Injuries to key players, like UConn’s Paige Bueckers, could significantly impact the landscape.

Upcoming Events:

  • Several key conference matchups are on the horizon, like Maryland vs. Iowa and UConn vs. Notre Dame.
  • The first official AP Top 25 poll after the initial pre-season rankings will be released on February 6th, reflecting the early season developments.