Beast Mode has returned to Seattle but will it last

Marshawn Lynch has returned to the Seattle Seahawks in an answer to the season ending injuries to their starting running backs. Could it be that fate has returned Beast Mode to the Seahawks because of unfinished business? I say yes as it feels as though the Seahawks could make a deep run in the playoffs if Beast Mode truly takes hold. Magic in sports usually happens when unplanned events overtake the perceived direction a team is on at key moments in a season. This is a key moment as the Seahawks face the San Francisco 49ers at home in a Sunday matchup that will determine the NFC West champion. If the Seahawks win they will host a playoff game and this could send Beast Mode into a frenzied fan driven belief that the Seahawks are indeed a team of destiny. This belief could actually propel them into the Super Bowl and a chance for Beast Mode to complete the unfinished business of running the ball instead of passing the ball late in a game if they are in control and holding a lead. Strange things happen in sports and parallels have happened and I can see another Super Bowl matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. I predict the Seahawks will prevail over the Patriots this time 31-28 and Beast Mode will take the 12th man to a victory that will forever heal the pain of unfinished business.

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