College Football Playoff teams still not determined

With the Minnesota Golden Gophers and the Baylor Bears falling from the ranks of the unbeaten, there appears to be 6 teams vying for the 4th and last spot in the College Football Playoffs. The LSU Tigers still occupy the 1st position in the College Playoffs and should stay there until the SEC Championship game against the 4th ranked Georgia Bulldogs who defeated the Auburn Tigers today. In Auburn’s loss today, the 6th ranked Oregon Ducks lost ground in their quest for the 4th position in the playoffs. In a win against the Mississippi St Bulldogs, the 5th ranked Alabama Crimson Tide may of also suffered a setback for the 4th position with the season ending injury to their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. However, if Alabama could win out without their star quarterback, they would have a strong case to make for the 4th spot. The Ohio St Buckeyes should remain in the 2nd position until the Big Ten Championship game which they look likely to win. The 3rd ranked Clemson Tigers look like a lock in the playoffs as the weak ACC Conference presents no challenge to their dominance of the conference. The 7th ranked Utah Utes also lost ground as they share the same fate as Oregon. The 9th ranked Penn St Nittany Lions control their own destiny if they can defeat Ohio St in conference play. The 10th ranked Oklahoma Sooners may move up to the 8th spot in the rankings this coming week after their epic come back against unbeaten Baylor. Winning out convincingly could give Oklahoma a strong case for the 4th spot. Georgia being in the 4th spot currently would have to defeat LSU in the SEC Championship game to remain in the playoffs.

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