With a Name like Grinch, You have to be Good-NOT…

Alex Grinch is the USC Trojans Defensive Coordinator and a friend of USC Head Coach Lincoln Riley. With a name like Grinch you would love to be able to say that USC has a stingy defense. But no, that is not the case. In their game last Saturday against the unranked Arizona Wildcats, the Number #9 Trojans were lucky to win and remain unbeaten after this game at home in the Coliseum. The Trojan defense gave up 501 yards to an Arizona team with a backup Quarterback in the 43-41 win in triple overtime. Last year the defense under Grinch was ineffective and nothing has changed halfway through the 2023 season. In the 46-45 loss last season in the Cotton Bowl to the Tulane Green Wave, it should of been apparent to Riley that something needed to change on defense and that should of been Grinch. Currently the Trojan defense is ranked #109 halfway through the season, and now it seems to me that Riley is choosing his friendship to Grinch over what’s best for the team. Simply put, USC isn’t a top 15 team… much yet capable of winning a National Championship. At Notre Dame Stadium this Saturday, The Fighting Irish will finally put an end to the farce that USC should have ever been ranked in the top 10. Irish over the Trojans 52-45

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  1. This is the same Arizona team that scored 24 in regulation (Instead of 28 to the Trojans, don’t be going crazy with points given up in untimed OTs) in the same backup QBs first start ever against a team that is ranked higher than SC.

    The only farce here is that Notre Dame is ranked at all. The Grinch is gonna have the Irish seeing green.

    SC gonna crush the Irish by 3 TDs


    And it won’t even feel that close

    1. USC lost to Notre Dame 48-20. The Coaches’ Poll now has USC ranked #16 which is a very generous ranking after the debacle at Notre Dame. I underestimated how bad they are, here is what a sports writer wrote. “If you called USC fraudulent based on some stumbles against lower-tier competition on the schedule, congratulations: You were right. Caleb Williams played the worst game of his college career as he was under duress throughout the night. The defense also showed its usual warts too, which led to a Notre Dame rout by a score of 48-20. Even if you thought the Trojans would lose, I’m not sure anyone saw that result coming. ” I will give you some credit on your Arizona observation as they defeated Washington State 44-6. Other than that, I believe my points were made on the post.

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