Major League Baseball set to begin shortened 60 game 2020 season

On Thursday July 23rd the defending World Series champion Washington Nationals will face the New York Yankees in the nation’s capital on opening day and the first major team sport to return and compete in a world ravaged by the Covid -19 virus. There will be no fans in the stadium, only a cardboard cut-outs. Pumped in fake crowd noise and virtual advertising will become the new normal in the midst of a pandemic. It seems only fitting that Dr. Anthony Fauci will be throwing out the first pitch. Will MLB be able to defy the odds of playing through a 60 game regular-season, surviving long enough into deep October to crown a World Series champion? I wouldn’t bet on it.

112 thoughts on “Major League Baseball set to begin shortened 60 game 2020 season”

  1. Well, that didn’t take to long. The Miami Marlins are grappling with a Covid-19 outbreak. As of Monday morning at least 11 players and two coaches tested positive for the virus. Miami’s Monday night home opener against the Orioles has been postponed. Only four days after the start of the MLB season and games are being postponed. Not a very promising start.

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