NBA’s board of Governors approve a plan to resume the season in Orlando with a 22-team format

If the NBA players union approves the plan, training camps will open on June 30th with the season resuming a month later. Under the proposal, 16-playoff teams get in along with the six teams within six games of the final playoff spot in each conference. Eight teams with the worse records will not be in the format. Testing for the COVID-19 virus will be frequent and social distancing protocols will be in place. Players who test positive will be pulled. I am behind this plan as they will have the best doctors and a plan if there is an outbreak to keep it contained from the public. This of course could all fall apart if the pandemic surges and stay at home is required to protect us all even if players are contained in a NBA bubble.

1 thoughts on “NBA’s board of Governors approve a plan to resume the season in Orlando with a 22-team format”

  1. Dr Anthony Fauci lends support to NBA restart plan saying ‘It’s really quite creative’

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