Phind comments on what Teams have been Predicted to make Surprising Runs in the NCAA Men’s 2024 March Madness Basketball Tournament

Based on the provided sources, several teams have been predicted to make surprising runs in the 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness Tournament:

  • Creighton is highlighted as a potential Cinderella team, with a strong veteran trio that could lead them to the Final Four.
  • Gonzaga is expected to upset No. 4 Kansas, showcasing their strong performance against top-100 teams and balanced team play.
  • Alabama is mentioned as a team with a shot at ending their Final Four drought in basketball, facing tough competition in the same region as North Carolina, Michigan State, and Arizona.
  • Drake is predicted to reach the Sweet 16, especially if they can win their first-round game against Washington State and potentially face Iowa State in the second round.
  • Baylor is expected to win the West Region, despite facing Colgate, a team they’ve previously lost to by significant margins.
  • New Mexico is considered a small flier in the West Region, especially if things get weird out there.
  • Colorado is predicted to reach the Sweet 16, leveraging their NBA talent and potentially facing winnable games against Boise State, Florida, and Marquette.
  • Oregon is expected to reach the Sweet 16, especially with a healthy Ducks team and games against South Carolina and potentially Creighton.
  • James Madison, a No. 12 seed, is highlighted as a potential upset against No. 5 Wisconsin in the first round. Their dynamic backcourt, led by Terrence Edwards and T.J. Bickerstaff, could be a game-changer. James Madison’s performance against Michigan State in a thrilling overtime game suggests they have the potential to surprise No. 4 Duke in the second round.
  • McNeese State, another No. 12 seed, is noted for their strong defense and high-scoring offense. Their win against Michigan, UAB, and VCU in non-conference play, along with their 17-1 record in the Southland Conference, makes them a potential threat against No. 5 Gonzaga. Their turnover margin and scoring defense could give them an edge against the Bulldogs.
  • Creighton, a No. 3 seed, is mentioned as a team that could reach the Sweet Sixteen, showcasing their veteran trio and strong performance against top-100 teams.
  • Gonzaga is expected to upset No. 4 Kansas, highlighting Gonzaga’s strong performance against top-100 teams and their balanced team play.

Teams like James Madison and McNeese State manage to upset No. 5 seed teams like Gonzaga and Kansas through a combination of strategic advantages, team strengths, and exploiting opponents’ weaknesses. Here’s a breakdown of how these teams approach their games:

James Madison vs. Wisconsin

  • High-Volume Offense: James Madison is known for its high-volume offense, averaging 84 points per game, which ranks 10th nationally. This strategy can overwhelm defenses, especially those that struggle with managing the pace of play.
  • 3-Point Shooting: The Dukes have a strong 3-point shooting team, led by Terrence Edwards Jr. and T.J. Bickerstaff. Wisconsin’s defense ranks last in the Big Ten in 3-point defense, making James Madison’s 3-point shooting a significant advantage.
  • Turnover Margin: James Madison has a strong turnover margin, which can lead to more scoring opportunities and fewer turnovers for the Badgers.

McNeese State vs. Gonzaga

  • Aggressive Defense: McNeese State is an aggressive defensive team, forcing an average of 16.5 turnovers per game, which is the 9th-best mark in the country. This can disrupt Gonzaga’s offense, which relies heavily on ball movement and precision passing.
  • 3-Point Shooting: McNeese State has a collective 38.8% shooting from beyond the 3-point arc, with four starters hitting at least 40% from distance. This can exploit Gonzaga’s weakness in 3-point defense, potentially leading to a high-scoring game.
  • Ball Protection: McNeese State is among the best in college basketball at protecting the ball, with a +6.7 turnover margin, ranking 3rd behind only Houston and Iowa State. This can counteract Gonzaga’s strength in ball movement and possession.

Both teams leverage their strengths and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents to increase their chances of upsetting higher-seeded teams. James Madison’s high-volume offense and 3-point shooting, combined with a strong turnover margin, can overwhelm Wisconsin’s defense. Similarly, McNeese State’s aggressive defense, 3-point shooting, and ball protection can disrupt Gonzaga’s offensive flow and force turnovers. These strategic advantages, combined with the teams’ strong performances throughout the season, make them formidable underdogs in the NCAA Tournament.

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  1. The latest predictions for the 2024 Men’s March Madness Basketball Tournament spotlight some intriguing bubble teams and potential upsets that could shake up brackets. According to ESPN’s Bracketology, teams like Texas, Wake Forest, Nevada, and New Mexico received the last four byes, while Seton Hall, Virginia, Providence, and Gonzaga made it as the last four in. Meanwhile, Texas A&M, Villanova, Utah, and Colorado were the first four out, highlighting just how competitive the field is this year​​.

    For those looking for upset picks and tournament insights, FOX Sports writers have shared their brackets, pointing out potential surprises like No. 13 College of Charleston over No. 4 Alabama and No. 13 Yale over No. 4 Auburn as significant first-round upsets. They also predict that North Carolina and Purdue could be the first No. 1 seeds to fall, losing in the Elite Eight to Arizona and Tennessee, respectively. The Final Four predictions from FOX Sports include UConn, Arizona, Houston, and Tennessee, setting up a highly competitive finale to the tournament​​.

    These insights and predictions offer a glimpse into the possible outcomes of what promises to be an exciting and unpredictable NCAA tournament.

  2. Here’s a rundown of the latest predictions for the 2024 Men’s March Madness:

    National Champion Picks:

    Defense Wins: Many experts are favoring Houston due to their top-ranked scoring defense and strong offensive guard play.
    Repeat Bid: Defending champions UConn are still a contender, but repeating is a tall order.
    Other Top Picks: Teams like Purdue, Tennessee, Auburn, Arizona, and North Carolina are all considered serious threats depending on their performance.
    Potential Upsets:
    Drake: They have a good chance of reaching the Sweet Sixteen if they win their first-round matchup.
    Colorado: Seeded lower than their KenPom ranking suggests, they could pull off a surprise run.
    Regional Breakdowns:
    East: This region is considered the toughest, with UConn, Auburn, Iowa State, and Drake all having strong chances.
    Midwest: A potential Purdue vs. Tennessee matchup in the Elite Eight looms large.
    West: Arizona is a favorite, but Baylor and Alabama shouldn’t be overlooked.
    South: Houston is the clear favorite but watch out for potential Cinderella stories.

  3. Key matchups to watch in the 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament include:
    UConn vs. Marquette: UConn’s strong resume and performance make them a team to watch.
    Purdue vs. Wisconsin: Purdue’s position as a potential No. 1 seed adds excitement to their matchups.
    Houston vs. Iowa State: Iowa State’s impressive performance in the Big 12 Tournament makes them a team to keep an eye on.
    North Carolina vs. Tennessee: Both teams are contenders for a No. 1 seed, adding anticipation to their games.
    Arizona vs. UNC: Arizona’s strong season and UNC’s late-season momentum make this matchup intriguing.

    The odds for each team to make it to the Final Four in the 2024 March Madness tournament are as follows:
    UConn: -120
    Houston: +125
    Purdue: +150
    Arizona: +260
    North Carolina: +300
    Tennessee: +350
    Auburn: +375
    Iowa State: +425
    Duke: +550
    Kentucky: +550
    Marquette: +550
    These odds provide insight into the likelihood of each team reaching the Final Four based on betting markets and expert analysis.

    In the 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, some of the most likely upsets to watch out for include:
    Samford Over Kansas (13 vs. 4): Kansas has struggled recently, losing key games and missing star player Kevin McCullar Jr., making them vulnerable to an upset by Samford.
    James Madison Over Wisconsin (12 vs. 5): James Madison’s high-scoring offense and strong season make them a potential threat to upset Wisconsin in the first round.
    New Mexico Over Clemson (11 vs. 6): New Mexico holds a higher efficiency rank than Clemson and has a well-rounded team that could cause problems for Clemson, making this matchup ripe for an upset.
    These matchups highlight the potential for lower-seeded teams to surprise higher-seeded opponents in the tournament.

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